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Supporting Palestinian development in and around Nablus

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Planting olive trees Elder of Yanoun village Graduation Young women planting FONSA olive trees on International Womens Day Olive tree planting group in Deir Sharaf village Girl in Nablus park Successful fundraising for FONSA Flower in Nablus looking like a Jerusalem cross

Welcome to FONSA


Our aims

FONSA is a charitable trust working with people in Nablus and its surrounding areas. We support worthwhile projects and deliver necessary assistance in partnership with local groups.

Our current priorities are to support students at university and to plant olive trees.

Supporting Students

Education is highly valued in Nablus but many families are unable to pay all the costs of sending a student to university. Your donations enable us to pay fees for those who need help.

Please donate to support students in Nablus.

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Student Nurses & Midwives

Nablus has a new Teaching Hospital and needs more nurses and midwives to meet growing needs. We are raising money for students of nursing and midwifery. Those we fund have good course marks but insufficient funding from personal, family or other sources.

Please donate to support nurses and midwifery students in Nablus.

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Planting Olive Trees

We continue to plant olive trees in and around Nablus. Many villages are subject to raids by settlers or lose land by military confiscation. Keeping the land productive can be of benefit in reducing such losses and the trees provide a much needed income for families.

Please donate to plant olive trees in Nablus villages.

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Monthly donations

Our work is enabled by the many generous donors who give a monthly amount. We use these funds wherever the need is greatest. At present that is mostly for student fees and for olive trees which are our priorities.

If you can help us, please donate here. We use VirginMoneyGiving because they are not-for-profit with low charges.

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Partnership Projects

We work with groups who have formed links with particular villages around Nablus. They raise money, liaise with the villages and suggest projects. We use our local contacts in Nablus to advise on optimum solutions and to provide project management.
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About Nablus

Nablus is an important city in the West Bank and was the cultural and commercial capital of Palestine. The surrounding villages are mainly rural relying on their crops and animals. Education, businesses and agriculture have been severely affected by the occupation. There is high unemployment and endemic poverty.
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Nakba Day 2021

Palestinian Dignity and Rights


FONSA and 15 other organisations have together issued a statement seeking to uphold the dignity and rights of the Palestinian people.

Although the recent news focus has been on Jerusalem and Gaza, the people in and around Nablus also suffer from a long-standing military occupation.

Statement issued on 14th May 2021

Statement in full (PDF)

Virtual Kiltwalk 2021

£375 raised


Thanks to your support our team raised almost £400. The cycle ride round the Firth of Tay went well although the weather was disappointing.

But the enthusiasm kept us going and will be of great benefit to people in and around Nablus. Thanks to the Kiltwalk for their support.


Planting Olive Trees

Ramadan Gift Certificates

Gift certificate

Donate Olive Trees to be planted by FONSA in and around Nablus. We will send a gift certificate to your friends and family acknowledging your donation.

Each Olive Tree costs £5 plus £1 for the certificate. There is a minimum of two trees per certificate.


Majdal Bani Fadel and Beit Dajan

Olive trees for planting

Olive Trees 2021

In January we planted 150 olive trees in Majdal Bani Fadel village.

In March we planted 150 olive trees in the village of Beit Dajan.



Joint Statement June 2020

Charity logos

FONSA joined other UK-based humanitarian, development, human rights and faith organisations to demand that our government outlines the actual, meaningful consequences if Israel proceeds with its illegal annexation plans.

The proposed annexation would significantly impact the people we help and is illegal under international law. Palestinians have a right to self-determination but it has been denied to them for over 50 years.

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Coronavirus 2020

Food parcels and vegetable plants

Food parcels in boxes

In May 2020 we sent £6,000 to buy food parcels, plants and seeds. Nablus and its villages have been under lockdown so help is needed.

We would like to send more so, if you can, please donate to help us.

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Olive trees

Planting in Huwara and Beita

Holding and olive tree

In February 2020 we planted 200 olive trees in villages near to Nablus.

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Student support

Graduating as a midwife

Graduation celebration

Saja recently graduated from An Najah National University in Nablus as a Midwife. FONSA had paid her fees for the last years of her course and she wrote to thank us.

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How you can help

Donate: All donations are appreciated and help the people of Nablus but rely on you to make them. Please give whatever you can, whenever you can. Monthly donations are most valued. Read more ....

Fundraising: you can raise money for FONSA by participating in any suitable event or even by holding your own event, however small. We use Virgin Money Giving for on-line donations so it is really easy to set up your own web page and collect from your sponsors. Read more ....

Volunteer: we are small charity and we are all volunteers. We welcome help with fundraising, administration and organising events. Email us at to discuss.