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Planting olive trees Elder of Yanoun village Young women planting FONSA olive trees on International Womens Day Olive tree planting group in Deir Sharaf village Girl in Nablus park Successful fundraising for FONSA Flower in Nablus looking like a Jerusalem cross

Welcome to FONSA


Our aims

FONSA is a charitable trust working with people in Nablus and its surrounding areas. We support worthwhile projects and deliver necessary assistance in partnership with local groups.

Our main activities

Our focus is on working with the people of Nablus to help them to achieve what they tell us is important for them.

  • We support students at university and college in Nablus
  • We fund training for nurses and midwives in Nablus
  • We plant olive trees in vulnerable villages around Nablus
  • We work with friends of villages around Nablus to help make them more productive and habitable

Student Nurses & Midwives

Having been asked to help with the new Teaching Hospital in Nablus we are raising money for students of nursing and midwifery. We select needy students who have good course marks but who have insufficient funding from personal, family or other sources. Read more ....

Tree campaign

We continue to plant olive trees in needy locations around Nablus. Many villages are subject to raids by settlers or lose land by military confiscation. Keeping the land productive can be of benefit in reducing such losses and the trees provide a much needed income for families. Read more ....

Partnership Projects

We work with groups who have formed links with particular villages around Nablus. They raise money, liaise with the villages and suggest projects. We use our local contacts to consult about suitable alternatives and provide project management. Read more ....


Nablus is an important city in the West Bank and was the cultural and commercial capital of Palestine. The surrounding villages are mainly rural relying on their crops and animals. Education, businesses and agriculture have been severely affected by the occupation. There is high unemployment and endemic poverty. Read more ... .



Kiltwalk for Nablus

Five people at end of the walk

Five members of the Dundee-Nablus Twinning Association walked for FONSA on the Dundee Kiltwalk 2018. A pleasant stroll round the beautiful Tay. The Kiltwalk Foundation adds 40% to funds raised bringing almost £2,500 for FONSA. Congratulations!

This will support students, children and other FONSA projects in and around Nablus.

Support Kiltwalk Team FONSA.

Helping Nablus children

Child Trauma Project

Children in Nablus witness and suffer from the effects of the ongoing occupation. But we are helping by training schools counsellors to provide effective techniques for recovery. Read more ...


Science items for Madama

Picture of science items

We were asked to help Madama Boys' School by enhancing their science lab. A microscope, glassware and electrical meters were among the items we supplied. Read more ....

Repairs to houses

Progress in Yanoun

Man working with drill

Leaks and their consequences continue to be a problem for some residents of Yanoun. So we have been undertaking remedial work to repair a roof, and prevent water seeping in from a roadway. Read more ....

Bill and Mike cycled over 500 miles for FONSA

The Big Ride for Palestine

Man standing

Bill Wilson and Mike Whitehead have completed their 500 mile cycle from Dundee to London. This was part of The Big Ride from Edinburgh to London.

They both enjoyed it though were rather tired. Great to cycle with so many like-minded people.

Their efforts have raised over £2,000 for Nablus which will be used by FONSA to support education and community projects.

Thanks to all their generous sponsors. You can still support Bill and Mike.

Some photos of the ride.

Successful student

Meeting with Madline

On a recent visit to Nablus, Jean (FONSA Secretary) met Madline who has been supported by FONSA during her studies to become a university trained midwife. Read more on Facebook....

New funding objectives

Fundraising for Yanoun

The Yanoun International Network (YIN) is raising money to help the people of Yanoun. This small village suffers from the ever-expanding settlement of Itamar. We hope to help with university fees for students, improving the houses and helping with costs of sheep food (made necessary because of the loss of village grazing lands). Donate here ....

Future Leaders Academy

Planting trees in Nablus

Young people are raising money to plant trees in Nablus by selling plants they are raising from seeds.. Read more on Facebook....

Latest FONSA newsletter

Newsletter 9

Our latest newsletter has information about tree planting and a thank you from Madline - a student supported by FONSA. Read more ....

24th November 2014

Over 5,000 FONSA trees planted

Today's tree planting in Yatma village has taken us over 5,000 trees (olive and fruit trees) planted by FONSA donors in villages around Nablus. Read more ....

FONSA gifts

Order gift certificates online

Our gift certificates make excellent Christmas presents or gifts for your friends and relatives. Our gifts page now allows you to order online which we hope you will find more convenient.

New campaign

Nurses and Midwives for Nablus

We have launched an appeal to support students of nursing and midwifery in Nablus. Read more ....

How you can help

Donate: All donations are appreciated and help the people of Nablus but rely on you to make them. Please give whatever you can, whenever you can. Monthly donations are most valued. Read more ....

Fundraising: you can raise money for FONSA by participating in any suitable event or even by holding your own event, however small. We use Virgin Money Giving for on-line donations so it is really easy to set up your own web page and collect from your sponsors. Read more ....

Volunteer: we are small charity and we are all volunteers. We welcome help with fundraising, administration and organising events. Email us at to discuss.

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FONSA charity registration numer is SC038502


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