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Although he held in the spirit of the British camp swagger, great to take advantage of, including a lot of luck ingredients. The number of days in the month circles among the many young disciple, can account for a first-class place, and all those that young age, had already reached the suspected veins of the repair person, like Wei wins brothers. Condensate pulse period as a threshold before the cross is not the past thirty years, it is difficult to have a big success.      Even Wei Sheng brothers, left to their confidence in Mo, but if placed in the context of the entire day month sector, which will lose some confidence suddenly fold. After just one day float east boundary thirteen months town, there are numerous scattered in remote secluded family size among wild.      Days in addition to the large and small circles martial month, is all up to the family name. Most of these families for generations comprehension, and martial art is not much difference, but the more conservative and traditional, they do not accept foreign repair person.      Compared resources martial, family occupied many fewer, have also many small law tactics. But they also have their survival, especially law formula, although not much, but because of the ancient disciples continue to improve supplement, as long as smoothly handed down, must have its subtleties. Sects out of the disciples, a solid foundation in all aspects to many, but the family out of the disciples, often have a very sophisticated law-handed tactics, advantages and disadvantages.      Comprehension among the family if the A talented disciples, various resources will be more powerful than the tilt too martial.      So many powerful master, himself a mere build the base of the repair, to scrape together what fun? Left Mo curled his lip.      In fact, in his mind, Luo is no hope from the brothers, the door to say that there is hope, and only Wei wins brothers. The thought of Wei Sheng brothers, left Mo can not help heart health expectations. From the cave a sword to kill them step by step, breaking condensate brothers pulse period, there will be sawed performance? This is also the place to try the sword left Mo would only interest. Prada Outlet,Prada Outlet UK      Sword cave yin evil brothers have all been broken, that is Po demon speaking brothers have spoken from time to time showing appreciation.      Well, anyway, is going through the motions, left Mo made ​​up his mind, well, of course, was trying to show some, so is the head of punishment. Xiangba, left Mo decided to temporarily put this issue aside and do what to do.      Approached the small homes, small fruit still fall asleep, sweating, very devoted. Do not say anything to disturb the left, but quietly watched for a moment, he soon nodded slightly. Small fruit very fast progress, "blue" jianjue makes a kind of mold. To be honest, small fruit cultivation talent can only be considered an ordinary sword, pointing left Mo started just doing duty as brothers do.      But with small fruit continues to progress, especially Mo left almost hard to imagine, so his attitude changed a little bit raw, pointing even more serious.      "Blue" jianjue, feminine into bloodshed, navy Jianguang sometimes thin dense layers of overlapping circles, there is a fine if the meticulous description, sometimes Jian Shi ups, reminding us of scenes freehand brushwork.      Now small fruit of "blue" lack of Murder, but wrapped, overcast, soft on, but it has done extremely well. In particular, let the left-Mo feel amazing, but it is revealed that she Jian Shi among the faint out of the "tough." She was quiet and shy like a spider on a white porcelain glaze lurking, spit countless thin dark blue silk, quietly planted a fine tough Youth, trapping the opponent.      This "blue" really is for her ah! Prada Outlet,Prada Outlet UK      Mo left in the hearts of praise for her happy, in time, a small fruit can become a strength certainly a good sword repair.      As for the "blue" was originally among other changes: freehand, left Mo felt not to insist, this stuff and personality. Small fruit not the kind of forthright person trip, it is estimated it is difficult to comprehend the meaning of this layer sword. Could there be changes in the left stick people, they started to feel so small fruit if North Korea now show it, will be able to go its own way.      Thought, left all his own Mo Yu-Jane he felt might help to small fruit Jianjue all find out, most of them are relatively feminine jianjue.      Small fruit at this time also to complete a full training, looked up at the side watching now to see Mo left, breathing a lag, Hao Ran sheepishly shouting the sentence: "Brother ......" Prada Outlet,Prada Outlet UK      . "Well," Mok Man left the sentence should sound, and then took out several jade Jane gave small fruit from Bai Baonang: "These do not look to get back to training hard one only know, see more long exposure. can also start their own little bit. "      A look in his eyes and small fruit thrown fog, headache suddenly left Mo extremely quickly put jade Jane hands stuffed into small fruit, tone mock seriousness: "The!!!! This is homework I will continue to practice do not be lazy to check."      Then, away, straight hut.      This is what all good little girl is crying too. Mo left shaking his head, small fruit this point, he is also very helpless. Well, let her practice, anyway, and now she has trained well. Mo is not responsible for the left to think.      Soon, he was thrown into the side of this problem is to start a daily practice.      He is now practicing extremely uneven, most of the time is spent practicing on the Heart. Whether it is "Breathing refining God" or "King Kong dissatisfied" have to spend a lot of time. In contrast, the time he spent on the meager law tactics. Ling Zhi husband of five elements method formula, because there is no content behind, was untenable, just spend some time every day on the fingering to prevent fingering backwards. And "from the water jianjue" Since the integration of the sword he intended, he is now, he deviated from jade Jane contents of the above is quite large. Jianjue contents inside, and no longer fit the new Italian sword. Nonetheless intended to integrate the sword is not easy, you want to re-separate, but not easy.