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     Interesting!      Mo left to play enthusiastically began refining the various characters array disk array, even though all despicably low number of low-level material, but he was in high spirits, having all the fun.      Until his body depleted of all spiritual power, he gave up, but his hand has been more than a dozen kinds of sheets disk array. Do not left tired, fell down to sleep, after a moment, loud snoring.      Mo is left to be called up in the small fruit.      "Brother." Small fruit sheepishly called out.      "Well." Mo left bleary eyes barely open, vaguely should sound, he has such a good period of time not slept the sleep.      "Master allows you to go without an empty hall."      "No, I do not quarrel empty hall ...... ......" just opened his eyes and some do not mind left-Mo sober. After a will gradually come back to God, he immediately sat up, extremely nervous to ask small fruit: "? You said head let me go."      "Master said, let you go without an empty hall ......" small fruit Qieqie road.      Left Mo apart from anything else, playing in the sky, like a gust like out westerly valley.      Kidding! Prada Trainers,Prada Shoes Sale,Prada Outlet UK      To say that the head of the Church to non-empty, it is certainly an important thing to announce!      Along the way, he was wondering all this time, the head of what they have to announce it?          Article verse 14 test sword will?      Left no empty hall when Mo arrived unexpectedly from now Luo brothers actually, he was sitting on the bow of the head, just stand aside. Glanced around, several other uncles and master did not come, no empty hall, only three of them.      "Luo from left Mo, you two make a full preparation, a month later, and you Wei wins brothers together, instead of the floating gate test sword will be played in the East. During this time you have to take practice, they must not slack off." Head very briefly to announce the news.      Wei wins Big Brother's higher status, since his sword out the hole, then no doubt the land, said to be the head of the spot will be determined.      Luo from did not speak, but OK for a ceremony. Prada Trainers,Prada Shoes Sale,Prada Outlet UK      There is no mental preparation of Mo Dai Li left in place, try the sword will? Own sword will be going to trial?      After a while, he recovered and hurriedly said: "Master, this ...... this is not something wrong?"      "What is wrong?" Pei Yuan Mo even then I did not expect the left will say wrong.      See head eyes fell on his body, just bite the bullet left Mo said: "I'm afraid not competent disciples, this door has a brother and Luo Wei wins away from the brothers would have been enough, disciple strength weak ......"      If not finished, even Luo look to his eyes away also some weird.      Pei Yuan then chuckled:. "Oh, you are such a look, I'm sorry you can skinned zombie that nickname ah." He narrowed his eyes slightly, very modest and said:. "Division door signs, which use the time to good use, but the natural thing, Teachers need you to contribute when the door, and do not shrink back thing. "      Left Mo hearts thump it.      Finished! Britain to send themselves to spiritual things must have been head know!      At this time the head of a mild eyes like a knife, left Mo uncomfortable, to the mouth, then suddenly shrink back, busy:!! "Yes yes yes disciple confused for a moment the door division to win the honor, duty is my generation, disciples through fire and water, without any hesitation! "      Head laughing: "jump through hoops did not give, you take a test on your own is a lot of good."      Samsam Mo suddenly left, but his face did not look, do not see the clues. The reason why he did not want to participate in the trial will be the sword, do not want to involve their energy. He suddenly curious and asked: "Master, this test will not hold the sword what period of time the disciples thought to an end?."      "Oh, local sects are several places you can directly participate in the test sword will, without having to start from the pre-test than the sword Well, if there be any doubt, you can ask your Liying Feng senior sister apprentice, I have to let her be responsible for the test of logistics. "Pei Yuan then waved his hand, indicating the two withdrew. Prada Trainers,Prada Shoes Sale,Prada Outlet UK      Luo from beginning to end, did not speak, like a wooden stand, like in that. Left Mo and he did not say hello, they each leave.      Taniguchi went westerly valley, left Mo or some reaction, however. He does try sword thought would last, although he also jealous of those prizes, but he also knew how much Jinliang. He was in the East float refining materials, somewhat heard, this test is said to be the largest ever sword day month circles, the largest number of participants in the trial will be the sword.