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FONSA newsletter April 2013

Here are some of our plans for 2013 and a summary of what - with your help - we achieved in 2012.

As you will know, conditions in Nablus have not improved. Settler attacks and settlement expansion are continuing. We have been particularly upset by leakage of sewage from the Shava Shomron settlement into the lands of Sabastiya where we have been planting trees.

President Obama's recent visit sadly failed to raise hopes for a just peace but an occupation surely cannot last forever. In the meantime our thoughts are with the Palestinian people.

 Newsletter 8 on our website.

FONSA projects 2013

FONSA plans for 2013

Several of our donors have close contact with their partners in villages around Nablus so we work with them to make the most of the money they raise. We also take advice from beneficiaries and from our advisors in Nablus.

In 2013 we will promote our new project to train Nurses and Midwives in Nablus. Students remain a major focus of our activities along with olive tree planting.

Let us know if you have any suggestions for new projects or how we could help in and around Nablus. email:


If you or your family/friends are taking part in activities please consider making FONSA the beneficiary for sponsorship.

We have raised quite a bit this way and hope to maintain it. We have a sponsorship page on our website which explains what to do.

Fundraise for us using Virgin Money Giving
Sponsorship made easy

You can set up a page on VirginMoneyGiving so that sponsors pay directly. You know how much you have raised without the hassle of handling donations. Of course, we are also happy to accept any donations you receive as cash.

FONSA projects 2012

FONSA activities in 2012 continued to support the local Palestinian community in Nablus and surrounding areas. We acknowledge and appreciate our donors, our UK partners and our Palestinian partners - particularly the Hayat Centre.

proud boy holding an olive tree in a container

10,000 Trees for Nablus:

This continues to be a popular project with donors and with the farmers. We have asked them to contribute in a small way so that this is a shared project. This is waived for particularly needy villages.

This year we planted trees in Sabastya, Lubban, Sarra and Sawiya

Madama village:

This work continues our partnership with UK Friends of Madama and Burin. Both Madama boys and girls schools have benefitted. The boys had class room windows installed. The girls had lab and sport equipment.

Yatma village:

Here we have worked with UK Friends of Yatma to provide internet and IT equipment (laptop computer and LCD projector) for the Mothers' School

Yanoun village:

Yanoun International Network raised money for a substantial program to waterproof seven houses for needy families and for the community (International House).


These are mostly funded from donations through standing orders. During 2012 we supported six university students (Ameed, Dua, Iman, Madlin, Safa and Talal) in different academic areas.

Nursing and Midwifery Students:

Our new project launched during 2012 is specifically targetted at Nursing and Midwifery students. With advice from An Najah National University, we are now supporting two needy students (Motaz and Sunduz) thanks to generous donations.

Student Message

We received this message from Madline Milhem - one of our supported students - about the help she received from FONSA in 2012.

"I am sending this message to express my feelings and appreciation to you for the amazing opportunity that you gave me. I really can't thank you enough but with all of my respects and from the deep of my heart I thank you very much.
This scholarship has been the angel that have given me his hand to get me out from the darkness the darkness of being busy all the time of thinking how to pay my fees and being always worried if I will pay it on time. This has really affected my grades, and my family that consist of 11 members. But now this pressure has gone thanks to you.
I hope I will be at your level of expectation, and I would love to know more about Friends of Nablus and Surrounding Areas. To get to know FONSA will be a great honour to me and at last I thank you one more time and I wish from God to help you to achieve your goals in helping our society to make it a better place to live, and to help the student to continue their dreams to become the person they always dreamt to be."

Other students have also given their thanks but this was particularly well expressed. We will support more students as the donations arrive.

Craigie High School - 2012 Fundraising success

Over £900 raised for FONSA!

logo of Craigie High School

We would particularly like to thank Craigie High School in Dundee for their impressive fundraising efforts in 2012.

Determined cyclists lined up ready to go

The pupils started off with a bag-packing event which raised £250. Then the staff cycled 26 miles in the Dundee Cyclathon to raise £600. And at Christmas the pupils raised £60 from raffling a hamper.

Dundee has been twinned with Nablus for over 30 years so this provides an excellent basis for the pupils' study of global citizenship.

The school's fundraising efforts are much appreciated. They decided to donate to FONSA for our tree planting campaign.

Donations to FONSA

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Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving
Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

It is easy to donate online by credit or debit card through our pages on Virgin Money Giving.

Donate by cheque

Please make cheques payable to FONSA and send to:

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Standing Orders

We encourage regular payments by standing order – please see our website:

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