Friends of Nablus and Surrounding Areas
جمعية اصدقاء نابلس وما حولها ״فونسا״


Our aims

FONSA is a charitable trust working with people in Nablus and its surrounding areas. We support worthwhile projects and deliver necessary assistance in partnership with local groups.

Our main activities

Our focus is on working with the people of Nablus to help them to achieve what they tell us is important for them.

  • We support students at university and college in Nablus
  • We fund training for nurses and midwives in Nablus
  • We plant olive trees in vulnerable villages around Nablus
  • We work with friends of villages around Nablus to help make them more productive and habitable

Student Nurses & Midwives

Having been asked to help with the new Teaching Hospital in Nablus we are raising money for students of nursing and midwifery. We select needy students who have good course marks but who have insufficient funding from personal, family or other sources.Read more ….

Tree campaign

We continue to plant olive trees in needy locations around Nablus. Many villages are subject to raids by settlers or lose land by military confiscation. Keeping the land productive can be of benefit in reducing such losses and the trees provide a much needed income for families. Read more ….

Partnership Projects

We work with groups who have formed links with particular villages around Nablus. They raise money, liaise with the villages and suggest projects. We use our local contacts to consult about suitable alternatives and provide project management. Read more ….


Nablus is an important city in the West Bank and was the cultural and commercial capital of Palestine. The surrounding villages are mainly rural relying on their crops and animals. Education, businesses and agriculture have been severely affected by the occupation. There is high unemployment and endemic poverty. Read more … .