Friends of Nablus and Surrounding Areas
جمعية اصدقاء نابلس وما حولها ״فونسا״

FONSA Accounts 2022-23

Objectives and activities

Charitable purposes

These are the Annual Accounts and Annual Report for the FONSA financial year 1st April 2022—31st March 2023. These figures have been reported to our official regulator, OSCR (Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator).

Friends of Nablus and Surrounding Areas (known as FONSA) is a registered Scottish charity No. SC038502.

Relief of Poverty
Advancement of Education
Advancement of Citizenship

Summary of the main activities in relation to these objects

Our olive tree campaign continued with the planting of trees purchased by
the donations received.
For students we continue to pay fees for those in need who have good
performance in their studies. Those studying Nursing and Midwifery
remain a focus because of the need for improved medical treatments in
the area.

Achievements and performance

Summary of the main achievements of the charity during the financial period

Although our overall income was lower than last financial year, we have
managed our work and projects to continue to maintain a balance
between income and expenditure.
Our donors, supporters and partners helped us to continue our work
during recovery from the Coronavirus lockdown.
The olive tree planting project was very successful and welcomed by the
farmers and communities we were able to help.  
At no cost to FONSA, four of our five trustees were in Nablus at the same
time.  We visited some of our projects and our partner organisations. We
were accompanied by several supporters who were astonished by their
experiences of Nablus and Palestine.
A major upgrade to our website has made it more attractive, responsive,
accessible, and secure. It now uses WordPress for easier updating and is
hosted free by  

Financial review


Brief statement on the charity’s policy on reserves

We do not keep reserves but we maintain sufficient funds to meet longer-
term projects and seek to fund students until the end of their course
(subject to satisfactory performance and continuing need).

Details of any deficit


Donated facilities and services (if any)

Our fundraisers have generously covered all their costs and therefore
FONSA has received 100% of the donations made in support
The trustees have not received any remuneration or expenses
contributions to FONSA.
Our Independent Examiner gave his time without payment.

Financial Statement

Receipts and Payments

Receipts from fundraising activities£0£0
Gross trading receipts£0£0
Other charitable activities£0£0
Sale of assets or investments£0£0
Total receipts£14,480£17,470
Expenses for fundraising activities£0£0
Gross trading payments£0£0
Investment management costs£0£0
Payments relating directly to charitable activities£0£0
Grants and donations£13,774£16,815
Governance costs:
Audit / independent examination –£0£0
Preparation of annual accounts£0£0
Legal costs£0£0
Purchase of assets or investments£0£0
Total payments£13,774£16,815

Statement of Balances

Cash funds2022-232021-22
Cash and bank balances at start of year£8,068£7,413
Surplus/(deficit) shown on receipts and payments account£1,106£655
Cash balances£9,174£8,068
Other Assets£0£0
Liabilities & Contingent Liabilities£0£0

Independent Examiner

As required by OSCR, a more detailed version of these accounts and relevant bank statements were submitted to our Independent Examiner. He reviewed them and reported that he was satisfied.

The Annual Report, including the report from the Independent Examiner, was duly sent to OSCR as required by law. Our Independent Examiner works in financial management (and was recommended to FONSA by our previous Independent Examiner). Although he is known to some of the trustees, he plays no other role in FONSA and is not related to any of them.


FONSA is a small charitable trust formed to strengthen bonds between people supportive of Palestian human rights and the people of Nablus and its surrounding areas. It is based on friendship. It offers support in these times of need. A founding principle is to work with Palestinians to deliver projects which they have identified and support.

There are more details of our objectives and projects on these web pages.

FONSA was established to strengthen links with the people of Nablus and its surrounding areas. It operates under a Trust Deed signed in 2007.

Trustees of FONSA

Nehad Khanfar Chair
Jean Fitzpatrick Secretary
David Collison Treasurer
Mike Whitehead Trustee
Mary McGregor Trustee

New Trustees are appointed by the duly appointed existing trustees up to a maximum of five.

FONSA – Principal Address

The registered address of FONSA is:

9 Broad Street

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