Friends of Nablus and Surrounding Areas
جمعية اصدقاء نابلس وما حولها ״فونسا״

Supporting Yanoun village

Yanoun is a little hamlet 12km south east of Nablus. Illegal outposts from the settlement of Itamar surround it. Yanoun has lost a lot of land to the settlers and struggles to survive.

FONSA works in partnership with the Yanoun International Network (YIN) whose members have spent time in Yanoun and know it well. They talk to the villagers about current problems and do what they can to enable them to remain in their homes despite ever-growing threats and invasions from the settlers.

Current support for Yanoun students

There are no students from Yanoun currently studying but some children will soon be old enough.  We will be ready to support them if needed.

Yanoun student support 2021

We paid university tuition fees for three students from Yanoun to enable them to complete the second semester of this academic year. A total cost of about £2,000 ($2,500).

Yanoun essential medical treatment 2019

A key member of the village community had a pressing need for medical treatment. FONSA agreed to pay for this because the village has a dwindling population and can only survive if they all work together. Our objectives include relief of poverty which certainly applies here (so much land has been taken by settlers that there is insufficient grazing for the sheep and goats; this means the villagers must purchase expensive animal feed).

Fortunately, the treatment was successful.

Yanoun student support 2018

We helped students from Yanoun with the tuition fees for this academic year. The total cost was about £1,100.

Yanoun housing repairs 2015

Man at work drilling concrete at base of house
Repairing houses in Yanoun village


Further work was required for houses which had particular problems with water penetration. One house is on the hillside and water is coming in from the foundations. Another has a particularly porous roof and needs remedial work inside.

Yanoun housing repairs 2012

The people in Yanoun struggle to make a living on the reduced land that is now available to them. So they have not been able to repair their houses. With funding from the Yanoun International Network, FONSA bought materials and hired a builder to undertake essential works. The priority was to make the inhabited houses water-tight. This was successful.

Yanoun Primary School

Yanoun has a primary school in the village to which we donated money to buy basic equipment.  It is adequate for its shrinking population but attempts to make it more comfortable for its children have been refused by the Israeli authorities (such as enclosing a small terrace to give some additional protected space).

Yanoun School Bus

The older children of Yanoun have to travel to the nearby town of Aqraba for secondary education. There is no public transport and the hour’s walk is not safe. The village has a school bus which was donated to them but it needed repair and insurance which the villagers could not afford. We subsidised the bus with the help of the Woodcraft Folk in Scotland which donated money towards this project.