Friends of Nablus and Surrounding Areas
جمعية اصدقاء نابلس وما حولها ״فونسا״

Donate to support FONSA

So many people have helped us to improve lives for the people in Nablus. Please join them and subscribe to our work.
Follow the link to make a donation by credit or debit card

Supporting Nursing and Midwifery students

Nurses and midwives are training in Nablus to support new medical facilities and specialities.

We help with tuition fees so that Nablus gets the medical professionals needed for essential treatments.

Planting olive trees in and around Nablus

Olive trees and land are under threat so we help to sustain this important source of livelihood and land use.

Thanks to professional local advice, we can carefully choose villages in need and get help to plant the trees to give them the best chances of surviving.

Supporting students in Nablus

Living under occupation is difficult but Palestinians do their best.  Nablus hosts the largest university in the West Bank with many faculties and world-class facilities. 

We pay tuition fees for deserving students whose families find it hard to pay.

Supporting Yanoun village

Many FONSA supporters have lived in Yanoun village as part of the EAPPI programme. So they know only too well that this struggling village needs all the help it can get.

We provide their children with university and college tuition fees and help in other ways when we can.

It is your donations which can make a positive difference to the lives of people in Nablus. Please give whatever you can, whenever you can. We really appreciate a monthly commitment because (for example) it will help to fund a student through to the end of their course. All donations help the people of Nablus and surrounding areas.

There are many ways to support FONSA. What suits you?

  • Donate online throughCharities Aid Foundation
  • Donate via bank or cheque
  • Pay by standing order

Monthly payments

If you can, please make a monthly donation so that we can sustain our projects. But choose whatever suits you.

You can make monthly donations online (see above).

Or you pay through your bank; please use our donation form which includes a Gift Aid declaration (if you are eligible). Please either set up the payment through your online banking or fill in the “Standing Order” part of our form and we will process it.

Donating via bank or cheque

If you pay online all necessary options are automatically covered (you can tell us about Gift Aid and you can subscribe to our newsletter).

If you pay through your bank or send us a cheque, please also fill in and send us a donations form.  This lets you make a Gift Aid declaration (if you are eligible). And you can choose whether or not to receive our newsletter.

There are three options:

  1. Transfer money directly to our bank account (numbers are on our donations form)
  2. Send us a standing order (by using our donations form)
  3. Send us a cheque (accompanied by our donations form)

Donation forms should be returned to:

FONSA Treasurer
26 Tay Street

FONSA Donations Form

Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer who is eligible to make a Gift Aid declaration please tell us.  That enables FONSA to reclaim the tax you paid on all your recent and future donations. Please notify us if you stop being eligible to gift aid your donations.

Charities Aid Foundation (CAF)

We wanted a reliable, affordable and ethical payment processor to make it easy for people to donate to FONSA with a credit or debit card.  Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) fulfilled these objectives. They will process your donation, manage any Gift Aid and ensure that FONSA receives your money quickly and efficiently.  CAF is a registered charity (Charity Commission of England and Wales number 268369), and works with two verified payment solution providers to process your donation.  There is more information on their website.

Contact FONSA

Please send all correspondence about donations to:

FONSA Treasurer
26 Tay Street

Or email us at