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جمعية اصدقاء نابلس وما حولها ״فونسا״

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Nablus in Need – please help

Israel is not just attacking Gaza, the West Bank, including Nablus, is also affected.White labelled boxes ready for despatch

Many businesses in Nablus are reduced to working half time and paying staff 50% of their wages. Many restaurants are closed, with staff laid off. Government workers (teachers, social workers, etc.) are unpaid because of a lack of funds.

On advice from local partners, FONSA is responding as best we can; initial action is to  provide food to help the most needy families.  We will provide either fodo boxes containing a range of foodstuffs or coupons. This will help to overcome the terrible damage being done by the Israeli attacks on Nablus.

Please donate here to help Nablus in need.


The Deputy Mayor of Nablus – Dr Hussam Shakhshir – told us recently about the difficulties being faced by people in and around Nablus.

Travel throughout the West Bank is severely restricted by the Israeli Army using checkpoints and barriers.  This hits trade and businesses.  Some firms just cannot get the materials they
need or despatch their products.  Many restaurants and shops relied on Palestinian Israelis coming to eat and shop in Nablus; these customers can no longer visit.

Car burning fiercely with flames

Israeli military incursions into Nablus are ever more frequent; previously they only happened during the night but now take place in night and day. Lots of people are being detained and taken to prison in Israel without any visits or adequate information about their condition and details of their alleged offences.

Israel controls the Palestinian borders and so collects all import duties for Palestine.  It is supposed to hand these taxes to the Palestinian government but has failed to do so since October last year.  This means that there is no money to pay wages to government staff in Nablus and beyond.

Overall, the result is that many families are severely hit with poorer people most at risk; our gifts of food will  help if we raise enough money to fund them.

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